The Brontë Story by Tim Vicary

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The-Bronte-StoryIf you are after a quick reference guide on the Brontë sisters then The Bronte Story is a compact read of around 60 pages that will set you straight.

Having recently read the fictional work The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Brontë by Laura Joh Rowland, I was drawn to this compact Oxford Bookworm to jolt my knowledge of the sister and clarify who wrote what and when etc. There are even some great photographs of Haworth village where the family lived and ink drawings done by the Brontë’s, who could all draw and paint beautifully according to their father Patrick. He outlived his wife and all six of his children. How sad!

On a different note, the latest film version of Charlotte’s Jane Eyre is out in cinemas this week so might be worth checking out for Brontë fans.

The Brontë Story (Oxford University Press, 1991, ISBN: 0194226883, 60 pages).

My rating: ★★★

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