Here & There: collected travel writing by AA Gill

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9781742701622British author AA Gill has become one of my favourite travel writers. Sure anyone can write about travelling to exotic places, or finding joy on your own doorstep, but Gill does it in such a way that I can’t ever begin to explain. Sure he’s witty, but it’s more than that, he has a unique way at looking at the world.

It is well documented that Gill actually dictates his stories rather than writing them as he is dyslexic. In that sense, he becomes a storyteller in my eyes.

Here & There: collected travel writing is made up of selected articles from his monthly column in Australian Gourmet Traveller; close to 60 slices of charm, most only four pages in length.

Too many to review, but one that springs to mind worth a mention is Bombay Dreams. “Travellers can be divided into two categories: those who travel to get away from people, and those who travel to find people. …One is all about you, the other…about everyone else.”  For the record, Gill believes the humanity commuters are the storytellers, the others, self-regarded bores.  Which beckons the question, which type of traveller are you?

 My rating: ★★★★


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