The Tea Chest by Josephine Moon

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As a tea drinker—and a coffee fiend—I really appreciated the attention to detail which author Josephine Moon pays to the timeless brew in this debut novel. The fictional chain store ‘The Tea Chest’ in not unlike some of the wonderful boutique tea shops that I have frequented, and for me, it’s like visiting a magical place. Naff I know, but it must have something to do with all of those heady aromas. To her credit, Moon manages to capture this to a tee (pun intended).

Kate Fullerton is the heroine of this novel and is responsible for the design of the blends sold in the tea store. When she inherits a share in the chain after the tragic death of her boss Simone Taylor,Kate is determined to follow through on Simone’s dream to set up a store in London and sell tea to the Brits.

This is the story of three women whose paths cross by sheer accident and who work together to overcome their own problems, along with all the issues of setting up a business in a new city with no one and nothing to rely on except pure determination. On the fringe of this story is a fourth woman, the other part-owner in the business. Her connection to Simone and the history they shared was one of the more interested sub plots in the novel.

Unfortunately, for me, the interaction of the characters sometimes seemed confusing and although we are given back stories and current catastrophes for each of them to overcome, it is a shame that we don’t get to delve deeper into their lives. I was left feeling like I only got to know them on a small-chat level and as a consequence didn’t really care enough about what happened to them. This is a bright and breezy read which will definitely have you reaching for the teapot.

Published by Allen & Unwin.

My rating: ★★★

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