Worse Things Happen at Sea by William McInnes and Sarah Watt

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Worse Things Happen at Sea by Australian actor William McInnes and his wife, filmmaker and animator Sarah Watts, is a wonderful celebration of Australian life, families, relationships, parenting, renovating and much more.

Each chapter, written by either William or Sarah, takes an intimate look at a stage or event in their lives that has made them the people that they are: not the famous actor and animator, but rather just parents, partners and everyday people who experience the ups and downs that we all go through.
Despite all of the hard times, it is the good times that shine through as the couple find happiness in the simple things. The book includes some wonderful photos taken by Sarah.

Review continued…
William McInnes and Sarah Watt’s personal take on
the simplicity yet messiness of everyday life is a pure joy to read.  Worse
Things Happen at Sea
is about
two famous Australians in the television, film and writing industry; two very
ordinary people who live through the day-to-day stuff we all do: raising
children, renovating homes, coping with the illness of love ones, making
mistakes, fixing things and not being able to fix things. The fact that Sarah
Watt died after a battle with cancer last November left me devastated that I
didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t know her
personally, but for a short time she let me into her life through this
wonderful memoir and her touching photographs. She introduced me to her
children and welcomed me into her home. 
The writing of the chapters is shared between the couple and each is a
lesson in living for the moment; not for tomorrow.

My rating: ★★★★★

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