Remember Me by Liz Byrski

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For anyone who has ever been
in love then had their heart broken, Australian author Liz Byrski’s memoir of
love found and love lost will strike a chord.
Remember Me
At the age of 17, reknown
author Liz Byrski (then Liz Beard) is living at home in Sussex and working in
London when she meets and falls instantly in love with her friend’s boarder Karl
“In that moment everything
froze. I put my hand on the back of the couch to steady myself.”
But Karl is a German in
England in the early sixties who at 31 is not only deemed too old for her but
is also unsuitably a divorcee with a young child.
We follow the early days of
their passion in a time when good manners were everything and parents set the
ground rules for marriage. When Karl must return to California for work and
visa purposes Liz’s protests to accompany him are powerless and the couple must
“wait a year” before they are allowed to wed.
A long-distance relationship
is never easy but mixed with miscommunication and fate, love is lost and life
takes a different path for both Liz and Karl.
Thirty-seven years later,
the couple meet again and have the opportunity to ask the questions of what
happened and what went wrong?  They get a
second chance at love.
The Chapters of
Remember Me
Although the retelling of
the early days of this true love story take up the first half of the book, the
story is broken into five chapters, aptly named to reflect each stage of the
love story: Recollection, Resolve, Explanation, Restoration and Dislocation.
Part Two entitled Resolve
opens in 1998 with Karl’s journey back to England to track Liz down, not
knowing that she has already moved to Australia many years before. The visit is
part of a 12-year search to find her but the private detective he hired is
When he comes across grandmother
Jess Phillips whose family now live in Liz’s old home, she sees that he is still
in love and desperate to find Liz so takes up the role of sleuth, with great
Explanation, Restoration and
Dislocation fill us in on the missing years and what went wrong.
Remember Me
is a wonderful love story and at times it is hard to believe that it is a true
story, not just a work of fiction.
Fans of the BBC production As Time Goes By will identify with a
similar story line, though in Remember Me
we do not spend a great deal of time in the present day.
About Liz Byrski
Born in London and raised in
Sussex, Liz Byrski moved to Australia in 1981 and currently resides in Perth,
Western Australia.  She is the author of
eleven works of non-fiction and five novels and has over 40 years experience in
the media. 
She is best known for her
novels: Gang of Four; Food, Sex and Money;
Belly Dancing for Beginners; Trip of a Lifetime
and Bad Behaviour.
Remember Me
(Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2000, ISBN 1-86368-313-5, 327 pages.)
Remember Me
has been re-released in paperback in 2010. 
The ISBN is 9781921696145.

My rating: ★★★★

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