slyonwordsartwork_new_3I am an Australian freelance editor, proofreader, writer, blogger, publicist and bibliophile with 30 years of experience working with books, magazines, newspapers, websites and academic journals. In the past I have worked as a journalist, magazine editor, travel writer, bookseller and library officer. I have also compiled and edited my own book on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands entitled More Cocos Capers.

Currently I am involved in editing and proofreading for a number of national and international publishing houses in Australia, the UK and the USA. My area of expertise is fiction with most of my editing being in women’s fiction, literary fiction, romance, erotica, chick lit, Young Adult and GLBT. I also regularly work on non-fiction books. I am interested in helping authors make their stories shine.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (English) with a major in Journalism, a Certificate of Professional Editing and Proofreading, a Diploma of Professional Writing and a Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

I am from the south-west region of Western Australian but have also lived and worked internationally—namely the United Kingdom, Japan and most recently, the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

As a young girl I was a bookworm—whatever happened to that word?—and would escape into the world of fiction by the glow of a torch, reading under my duvet into the wee hours of the morning. These days my husband is not too fond of that approach. Thank goodness for bedside lamps and e-readers.

I am a proud West Australian and love to read books by the wonderful authors from this huge but sparsely populated state of Australia. I also read a mix of world literature, contemporary fiction, the classics, memoirs, travel tales and romance.

I have worked in public libraries for many years and been a member of many different book clubs so I love to share my thoughts on what I am reading and, better still, hear about what others are reading. I believe that the reading of books is a solitary venture but there is great joy to be had in talking about them. I hope that you will join me in the sharing.

Happy reading and remember, you can never have too many books!