old-typewriter-keysI edited my first book in 2004 and in the years since, have had experience with books in most genres. I have worked with over 10 publishing houses both nationally and internationally, and edited hundreds of manuscripts. I have also work with many self-published authors. Currently I edit and proofread for a number of publishing houses in Australia, the UK and the USA. My area of expertise is fiction with most of my work being in women’s fiction, literary fiction, romance, erotica, chick lit, Young Adult and GLBT. I also regularly work on non-fiction and coffee-table books. I am passionate about helping authors make their stories shine.

If you need advice regarding your manuscript, please feel free to contact me. I offer different levels of editing.

Jean-Michel-Labat-Ancient-writing-54295Developmental, Substantive or Content Editing: This is the most intensive form of editing that looks at the manuscript as a whole for structure, logic, coherence, pace, style, conflict, genre convention, information dumps, saggy middle bits, plausible endings, likeable characters, POV etc. At this stage, the book normally passes between the author and myself approximately two to three times before moving to copyediting and proofreading. I like to work closely with an author to help their story shine and make sure their book has the best chance of success.

Copyediting or Line Editing: Here I pick through the bones of the copy looking for errors in grammar, punctuation, style, tense, repetition, language and word usage. I also look for inconsistencies in plot structure, loose ends, unresolved conflicts and reader confusion.

words_meaningProofreading: This is the lightest form of editing which takes care of the minor errors in the final stages just before the book, manuscript or document is ready to go out into the world. A final check over at the front door if you like. An example of errors found at this stage might be: incorrect spelling, punctuation, word usage, capitalisation. Don’t let your baby out there with mismatched socks or lipstick on her teeth.